My philosophy: It is my belief that we inhale all of our experiences and exhale our response to those experiences. As an artist-photographer, what I exhale is my creative expression which ultimately reflects everything about who I am . As I mature and change — daily or yearly — so too, does my imagery change. It is my hope that my personal images brings forth a familiar emotional response in the viewer.

I use my creative process as a way to dive deeply into my inner self, and translate what I discover into a visual reality. Each of my images tells a personal, symbolic story about my memories, emotions, dreams, and fantasies. Embedded in each of these composites is a story — one of evolution and change.

My photo-collages are created by combining many original photographs that usually come from the same geographic area, in order to maintain visual cohesiveness. I commonly use imagery that pulls my emotional attention — water, beach, clouds, tress and reflections are those which most frequently call to me.

All of my images are 20” x 20” and printed with archival inks on archival paper, and numbered in editions of 25.  For pricing please email me from the “Contact” page.

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