When I was a little girl I loved September for it meant that my mother would be buying me new school supplies, including a large box of colorful crayons. I loved a new box of crayons with its waxy smell, and pointy tops all arranged in a rainbow of colors. However, I had to leave my new crayons at school, which I hated, because I loved to draw and color in my coloring books.  

The earliest I actually remember the sensation of drawing is when I was three. My mother would make a tent out of a sheet that I could crawl into and quietly draw with my crayons. In a way, this tent became my first studio. While coloring in my tented studio I remember my love of the process -- the physical sensation of moving my hand back and forth, stroking the paper with my favorite color of the day. It felt magically calming. In my studio I was safe. Interestingly, as an adult I have always had a studio and it continues to be my favorite indoor place to be.

I have always loved color. Any color of the rainbow is beautiful to me, but I especially prefer the warm colors. Most of my recent artwork is executed in reds, oranges, fuchsias, and purples -- colors that make my heart sing.

What color or colors makes your heart sing?

Why that color?

How do those colors make you feel? 

What is your history with those colors?

I am fascinated by the field of study called the psychology of color, which studies different hues as a determinant of human behavior.  For example, studies have shown that the color of a room can affect a person's ability to test well, their energy level, sexual performance, appetite and mood and so on. Given this, it seems reasonable to assume that color affects our attitude, which is connected to mood. I know from personal experience that my attitude impacts my level of creative energy, and ability to tap into my intuition and inspiration.

Symbolically here are some things that colors represent: 

Red:  passion, strength, power, excitement, heat, love
Orange:  energy, joy, active, intensity, forceful, receptive
Yellow:  happiness, positivity, high spirit, inspiration, vitality
Green:  harmony, stability, revive, new growth.                                                                                 Blue:  relaxation, melancholy, contemplative, trust, loyalty
Purple:  luxury, romance, spiritual, exotic, mystery

                                         "HOLDING"                                                 Photo-painting                       Carol K. Walsh                                                   

                                        "HOLDING"                                                 Photo-painting                       Carol K. Walsh                                                   

Recently I gave a talk explaining the creative process I use when designing my photo-paintings. (Available on this website under "Art.") As an introvert, I truly dislike public speaking.  To prepare I definitely needed a calming color. For me, in that situation, my choice was a soft turquoise blue. Before my talk I did some breathing meditations, while my calming color swirled around my body.    

to learn a bit about colors affect on mood, check out how people use the psychology of color to enhance their businesses. All you have to do is look around you. When you go into a restaurant, what color is it? A bar? Bedrooms in a hotel? How do you think the choice of color for a room affects patrons attitude and mood? Given that, what color would you paint your studio, or place where you meditate? What color would you paint a room so that it enhances a positive attitude?

It would be great each morning to envision that color as you get out of bed. Using the visualization I described in my previous post, what color would you choose to symbolically paint your life with?  

For more about the psychology of color, watch this Youtube video:

I would love to hear from all of you.  Please go to the "Contact" page and send me a note about how you purposely use color in your life.