Attitude colors everything in our inner and outer worlds.
We have the ability to pick the color of our attitude. 

"Sunrays Break Through Dark Clouds"                                           Carol K. Walsh                                                                                                             

The past three weeks have been incredibly rainy and cold. It rained almost every day -- highly unusual for May. This continually gloomy weather has been affecting my mood. Or, I should say I have been allowing it to affect my mood.  In turn, I have been feeling very unmotivated and noncreative. My inspiration is hiding. Finally, out of desperation, I decided to write about my situation in a blog post, which resulted in what you are now reading. As I began to write I watched the raindrops hit on the deck outside my studio window, and noticed reflections of the leaves in the glistening rain on the wet decks -- sprinkled by the drops of rain.  As I noticed those sparkling patterns, my spirit, my inner attitude, began to change. I will admit it was a challenge to hold onto that little shift, for as soon as I turned away from the window I began to feel gloomy again. Nonetheless I decided to take another step and paint a picture of my gloomy attitude. As I painted "my gloom" and wrote about my negativity, my attitude began to change.  It was as though I had finally released something from within me.

Despite the rain, I always know there will be sunny days ahead. But until then, I need to create my own inner sun by holding onto a positive attitude. Otherwise, if I were to stay with my gloomy attitude I, and my creativity, will be negatively affected. (An interesting side note, that not only does our attitude affect our creativity, it affects everyone around us.)

I don't want my attitude to control me. I want to be in charge of my attitude.

Like choosing a color from a box of crayons, we have the power to decide what attitude we want to assume.  Symbolically, artists are great role models. Often, before they begin a painting on canvas, they wash their canvas with a thinned wash of color, that affects the tone of the entire painting.  For example, if they want the atmosphere to be sunlit and warm, they might wash the canvas with yellow. 

In the same way, it is possible to imagine a color and wash your world with it.  When we mentally, emotionally, or physically surround ourselves with a color, our mood, and in turn our creativity, will be directly affected. (The psychology of color is very interesting, and I will be writing more about that in my next post.)

I have always known that when I emotionally wash my world in grey or brown, it dulls and darkens my psyche and my environment. On the other hand, when I wash my life's painting with yellow, my mood is light, bright and sunny.  In turn, I am more open to inspiration, and my creative energy flows.

Try this brief visualization

Sit comfortably in a chair.  Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and imagine that you are encased in a bubble of your favorite color -one that feels hopeful, positive or energizing.  Let that color swirl around you, eventually seeping into the pores of your body.  Take it in until you become that color. Notice how that feels.  Then, when you are ready, slowly open your eyes and go about your day, trying to hold on to an awareness of that color.

As I complete this post, the sun has finally come out.  Since I have already filled my psyche with white bright light, I can now use my outside world to heighten and intensify my mood.  How wonderful is that?

What have you noticed how color and attitude affects your mood? I would love to hearyour stories.