"It's our choices...that show we truly are far more than our abilities". JK Rowling. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Conscious choice-making helps us accomplish larger goals.

Each morning I hover in bed while I make a decision about what I will work on that day in my studio. I actually envision myself getting out of bed, doing my exercises, and then going to my studio where I will begin my creative work.  Yesterday I made a conscious choice to work on this blog.  It doesn't matter what I choose to work on, only that I make a deliberate thoughtful decision.

I could leave everything to chance, and just "followed my nose." The only problem is, I know myself well enough to know that if I did that, I wouldn't make the most of my precious time. (And the older I am, the more precious time becomes.)

Whether I am making a specific creative choice (such as what color to use in a painting) or making a major life choice (like how to deal with an illness or trauma), creative choice-making is imperative.

Taking the time to make mindful choices has rescued me multiple times -- particularly when I encountered a major trauma. (More about this in my upcoming book, Painting Life: My Creative Journey Through Trauma.)   I quickly learned that knee-jerk reactions, nor passivity, work. 

Our lives can be designed and constructed like a house. When we build a house we must first imagine what we want it to look like.  Then, being successful requires making many PRACTICAL CHOICES i.e. the location, size, materials, number of rooms etc. With each choice the house design is more likely to be solid and stable.

In addition, EMOTIONAL CHOICES are important.  Questions must be asked like:  


How important to me is this project?

How will I make time to design it?

What kind of support will I need?

Who will help me?

THE FINAL CHOICE MUST THEN BE MADE TO FOLLOW THROUGH.   Without follow-through, no house will be built -- no matter how great the initial design.

WE CAN ALL BE CREATIVE VISIONARIES AND MAKE CHOICES REFLECTING OUR BELIEFS AND VALUES.  As emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually evolving mature beings, we have the capacity to know what we want our lives to look like -- what our goals are.  Doing this helps us feel self-empowered and raises our self-esteem.

WHEN WE MAKE CONSCIOUS CHOICES WE ARE HONORING OURSELVES. Making constructive, healthy choices and then following through, is a way of making a statement to those around us and to the Universe that we deserve to be heard.


Think about your day.  How many choices did you make today?  How many were made deliberately, so that they reflect your life's mission? 

"Mankind's greatest gift is also it's greatest curse in that we have a choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear"

                                                            Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross