Creativity has the ability to heal because life's difficulties are disempowering, whereas creativity is empowering. 

 "Mindfulness on the Beach"                                     Carol K. Walsh

"Mindfulness on the Beach"                                     Carol K. Walsh

I believe so strongly in this concept, that my days are now filled with getting these thoughts out into the world. This is why I write this blog: “Creativity in Art and Life.”

Given that, I am thrilled (and a bit nervous) to share that I have been asked to be one of 40+ people to take part in James Taylor's international "Creative Life Summit".  It will be available online throughout the first two weeks of January, when each speaker, an expert in one area of creativity, will be videotaped in an interview with Taylor.  During my video-taped interview with Taylor I will discuss “The Healing Powers of Creativity”, which will be aired on January 5th. 

The Summit is free and I encourage each of you to sign up.  Considering that there will be forty areas of creativity discussed, I know you will find several that interest you.  I know I intend to “reserve my seat”, to listen to the other interviews. 
                                                                                  (More information at the end of this post.) 

A bit about the healing powers of creativity:

Based on both my professional and personal experiences with trauma, I know that creativity has a tremendous power to heal. It certainly helped me. I was fortunate to know about the power of creativity at a very young age, for its calming effect helped me emotionally survive a difficult childhood. I often say: “Creativity saved me”.

To heal we need to have a strong sense of Self – that is, who we are as a person in this world and how that defines our meaning and purpose.  It is from this self-awareness that we make our best decisions.

To access self-awareness, we must have a way to go deeply within ourselves, to connect to our soul and our inner spirit – to our essence.  It is from this space that we can develop a strong ego, and become self-empowered.

This is important because:

Life’s difficulties and traumas are disempowering: whereas creativity is empowering. Creativity is empowering because it transforms the literal into the symbolic. It converts any experience into a personal symbolic language from which we can gain new information.

Creative processes contain symbolic language.  That could be: marks on paper, colors, musical notes, rhythmic movements, photographic images and or random words, etc.  It does not matter which creative process you choose, it only matters that you make a choice. 

Once our experience, dilemma, trauma, or struggle is turned into the symbolic, it can be transformed into something new.  It is an alchemical process.  When I painted or wrote stories about my trauma (as I have done with my new memoir: Painting Life: My Creative Journey Through Trauma), new information emerged containing new insights and understandings. This is empowering.

Now, at this phase of my life, I can say that because creativity is such an integral part of every day, it always adds something special to my existence:  wonder, surprise, joy, peace, challenges and knowledge – I could go on and on.  Of course, there are days when a particular project frustrates me, but that is a part of the process – not a negative.  Even from this, I can learn a lot.

I will be discussing these issues, and much more, during my interview with James Taylor, for the Creative Life Summit.

Here is the information I promised about the Creative Life Summit:

James Taylor is an award-winning entrepreneur, creativity expert, marketer and musician.  He is the founder of the C-School of London, a creativity school.  His programs, online courses, events and consulting services have helped individuals, corporations, governments, and non-profits around the world and generated millions of dollars in revenues. Here is the link to James Taylor’s website:  

The “Creative Life Summit” will occur over a two-week period, with several speakers being interviewed each day. James Taylor explains it this way: “41 world-class experts reveal the secrets to unleashing your creative potential, turning passions into profits, and living a creative life.” He goes on to say, “I hand-picked speakers who are at the top of their game... who have created extraordinary Creative Lives... for themselves and their clients. I have the utmost respect for these creative leaders who I knew would each bring their own angle, their own ideas and relate to where you're today.”     


James has many videos on his You Tube channel, and I urge you to look them over. Here is one example: