When my daughter told me, "Mom, you need to start blogging."  At first I responded, "I can't blog."  Then curiosity set in.  Why don't I blog?  Why should I do it?  What would blogging mean in terms of my time and energy?  What would the payback be?  What would my theme be?  Each one of these questions kept circling in my head -- ultimately begging for answers.  Hence my first blog.  It is incredibly exciting to create new things.

  All images and text © 1999-2015 Carol Kurtz Walsh.

All images and text © 1999-2015 Carol Kurtz Walsh.

Curiosity is a key component of creativity.  Without creativity, nothing new would be developed, for curiosity is the link between the unknown and the known, the non-existent and the existence of something.  Curiosity compels us to move forward on a path, to find answers, to see what will happen, or to learn something.  Perhaps all of the above.    

Any kind of creation begins with a question that begs an answer, whether about initiating a new business, how to cook a particular dish, discovering a new medication or composing a new song.  In pondering my daughter's question, I realized that, no matter what, I would learn how to write and publish a blog.  Only the passage of time will answer my self-imposed question, "Is it worth it?" 

Each day of my life, I am attempting to enlarge my curiosity.  It doesn't matter what part of my life I am involved with, or what role I am playing i.e. artist, writer, wife, psychotherapist, parent, I know that curiosity is important.  To be the best I can be in any of my life's arenas,  I must be able to ask questions and then have the courage and the fortitude to find the answers.  By writing this blog, I am attempting to answer my own questions.

This blog will address multiple aspects of the creative process, which include the four C's:  curiosity, courage, commitment, consistency.  Put these together and creativity will emerge.  I will also be sharing much of my daily process.  

Check in with my weekly blog to learn more.

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