It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.  Pablo Picasso

    Creativity is an integral part of our being. We never lose it we merely forget its presence.   I remember watching my four year old granddaughter, dressed in a smock, painting a colorful picture. When it was dry she glued bits of magazine pictures and ribbons on top while having a delightful time.  Merely watching her was joyful.  Even though it took me a decade to remember her multi-media approach, I now create mixed-media paintings.     

Power and Poise.jpg

          When I was just out of undergraduate school I taught art in an all African-American public school in Pittsburgh.  I delighted in the youngest children's use of unusual colors placed in imaginative scenes.  Unfortunately, by seventh grade most of these children had lost their joy in being creative. Children are innately creative but their creativity begins to wane after they enter school, where right/wrong are stressed. They quickly discover that having the "correct" answer will result in good grades.  Sadly, they also often turn off their imaginations.

          WE NEED OUR CREATIVITY AT ANY AGE.  Even if we use it to merely survive in this world.  But beyond that, I believe WE WERE ALL PUT ON THIS EARTH FOR A REASON and we need creativity in order to first define it, and then manifest it during our lifetime.

          Remembering the four components of creativity aids in our understand why.  First, I will restate the four steps:


Discovering my personal mission was aided by curiosity and I try -- even though I sometimes fail -- to then use my courage to pursue that mission. 

          As we move toward the New Year, I use my curiosity and pose these questions to myself:

  • Did I follow the path of my personal mission last year?
  • What do I need to do to follow my mission in 2016?

So now I ask you, my reader--  Do you know what your personal mission is?  How can you follow it during this next year?

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Please send me an email. 

(This topic will be continued in my next blog post.)