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As an Artist

Carol Walsh is a fine art photographer, writer, therapist and personal coach. Carol views all aspects of her life through a creative lens. It doesn't matter what form her creativity takes - in her studio working on multimedia drawings, photographing nature or writing . In addition, she believes that by utilizing the creative process we can envision our futures and thereby live our best possible lives. For Carol, the final product or outcome is not as important as the process, which to her is grounding, energizing, and healing. 

As an Artist

Carol K. Walsh received a BFA Degree from Carnegie Mellon University. For the first fifteen years of her professional life, she maintained a full-time studio and exhibited nationally, winning major awards, including two at an international exhibit at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh.  A highlight of Carol's career was having one-person shows, including an exhibit of her fiber sculptures at the prestigious Franz Bader Gallery in Washington D.C. Nationally, Carol has presented multiple workshops on color theory, design and creativity. She has also taught art at several colleges, and lectured at conferences. 
Carol considers herself to be a visionary artist, who combines her love of psychology and art by seeing the world as symbolically vivid. Through art, she explores, enhances, and expresses her unique humanistic, and spiritual vision of the world. 

Currently Carol is working on a series of fine art photographs that consist of many layers of her original photographs, that are compressed to create one cohesive image that tells a story. To see her all of her images go to “Mythological Fantasies”.



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Carol's first venture into writing began as an extension of her artistic career, by writing articles for a professional journal on design and color theory. She then wrote and illustrated Designing For Weaving, a hardcover book on design, color and creativity for fiber artists. As a therapist she  self-published the books The Art of Awakening Spirit, as well as Break Through: Coping Skills for Chaotic Times a compilation of her favorite articles written  for "Pathways", a Washington D.C. area magazine.

Carol's most recent publication is her memoir Painting Life: My Creative Journey Through Trauma, published by She Writes Press, distributed by IPS and available wherever books are sold


In Her Personal Life

Carol is married to Tom, a psychotherapist and poet, and has two daughters and four grandchildren.  She currently lives in Maryland where she maintains her studio full time. 

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